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     We finally broke down and ran a $350 ad in the CT Post - a 91 year old  woman saw Maya's picture with the plea to identify a chimney sweep... SHE CALLED and gave the exact details - name is George, worked for .... phone number....
   So we tracked down the company - but the LONG ISLAND POLICE WOULDN'T HELP! Refused to get involved even though a  police report was filed in Stratford for Stolen property.
   so I found a person in Long Island who represented himself as a Sargent in the Police Dept. and the guy caved right away knowing that we had 3 witnesses and would arrest him if he didn't produce her!
    We took the next ferry to Port Jeff and had Maya in our arms at 7:30pm Thursday!
     A little dazed and confused, but otherwise fairly healthy - just some
stomach issues for being fed the wrong food for a month....
      Anyway, the guy said he tried to find us, which we know is a lie because he drove past her posters twice a week when exiting the
Ferry in Bridgeport - we even had her picture ON the Ferry!
   Couldn't press charges since no police involved, but the key is Maya is home safe and loving all of the attention!
      THANK YOU SO MUCH for caring, and for doing all that you could to spread the word. The kindess of so many strangers has impressed us beyond belief - even people as far away as Texas spreading the word!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you - and please let everyone know she's home if you can ! Everyone loves a happy ending!  And you may wish to warn them to keep their dogs in sight, even in the back yard 
     Thanks to ALL for helping spread the word and for your prayers,
suggestions, wonderful words of encouragement and prayers.  PLEASE let me know if ever I can help any of you.  I am so impressed with this world of animal lovers!
Sincere gratitude to all,
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