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Thinking about getting a Pure Bred Dog? Consider adopting an adult. 

Bark Bytes -  Directory of Dog Breeds  and other great info

No Puppy Mills  Educating the public about the wholesale dog industry in America

The Dog's Best Friend  Dog breeders, responsible dog owners, kids and dogs, all breeds, dog parks, dog law, dog  behavior, dog training, dog award,  education  on dog issues.

National Breed Club Rescue Network Contact the national coordinator for dog rescue services for  any of the breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club. Advice on selecting your new dog, where to go to find help, and tips on preparing for a puppy can all be found at NewPet.

Puplinks A website all about dogs.

Puppy Place
Ralston-Purina offers new puppy owners tips on raising and training
the new addition, and on how to prepare for his arrival.

Puppy Training
New puppy owners will start off on the right paw. Help with the common biting and toileting problems.

Getting A Dog
Are you ready for a dog?  Need a name or 
some Training advice? 

How To Love Your Dog Just for kids, this site explains the importance of caring for a  dog, including training, needs of special dogs, and keeping safe around dogs.

Naming Your Dog
Once you have picked your puppy, use this list of 2,000 dog 
names to select the perfect moniker.

Links to more Puppy Mill /
Animal Protection Information

Doberman rescued from a puppy mill

Dog is found with collar embedded 
2 inches into the dog's neck.

Don't Buy That Doggy in the Window

Hearts United for Animals

In Defense of Animals - Dedicated to ending the  exploitation and abuse of animals

IMOM  -  Voices for the Voiceless

I thought we were Man's Best Friend?

Millions  Put To Death  Last year 6.3 Million dogs  and 5.8 million cats were put to death!



Pup abuse spurs calls for tougher cruelty law

Puppymill Rescue - So what is a puppymill and Puppymill Auction?


Stopping a Puppy Mill

Choosing a Dog
Consider your needs, lifestyle and reasons for getting a dog, then fill out the Select- a-Dog questionnaire for suggestions.

Finding the Right Dog
Dog Owner's Guide helps you through 
such issues as  pet shops, puppy mills, breeders, house training and breed selection.

Adopt A Pet.Com

Pet Finder USA!   online registration for humane organizations  and zip code searching.

American Humane Association

Animal Cruelty & Human Violence

USDA Adopts PIJAC Licensing Position

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